Top Ten Tips

At Blush we pride ourselves on delivering the best service, advice and products to our clients. Below are some of our favourite tips to keep you at the top of your beauty regime. To receive regular tips, information and offers follow our twitter and facebook page and sign up for our newsletters.

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1. Blush beauty tip: Applying oil to your cuticles at night helps keep your nails healthy.

2.  Blush beauty tip: You should always shampoo your hair twice, the first removes surface dirt and the second gives a deep clean.

3.  Blush fact file: our NSI gel can be used to repair problem nails, such as split or peeling nails, even under polish and Gelish.

4.  Blush fact file: you should use a good shampoo and conditioner, which is right for your hair. Particularly to keep your colour fresh. Ask any of our stylists for advice.

5.  Blush beauty tip: Tangley hair? Comb your hair through when it's wet with conditioner on, this will help ease the knots from your locks. Tangle Teasers available in the salon also work magic on tangled tresses.

6.  Blush beauty tip: Greasy hair? Apply your conditioner to the ends of your hair first, never right in the middle. Washing your hair every day actually makes your hair greasier as you stimulate your sebaceous glands making them secrete more.

7.  Blush fact file: Anti-aging fruits include apples, strawberries and Kiwi, brightly coloured fruit and leafy greens. Quick fix? Ask about Intense Anti Aging serum from Crystal Clear.

8.  Blush beauty tip: Oily skin? Don't stop applying moisturiser as your skin will just make more oil to compensate. Drink plenty of water to clear your complexion.

9.  Blush beauty tip: Eat fruit regularly between meals, it's a healthy snack and will help to ensure your skin is beautifully glowing.

10.  Blush fact file: Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will keep your skin clear, supple and glowing.