Gelish UV long lasting polishGelish and Cuccio Gel Polish

Our Gelish and Cuccio collection lasts 3 weeks and includes everyday colours - try them today!

Gel polish is a long lasting, applied like polish but is set under a UV/LED lamp which means your nails dry instantly. They last up to 3 weeks without chipping and add strength to your natural nails. The finish is high shine and we have a wide range of colours to choose from, including French.

As Gelish and Cuccio are long lasting gel polish, they are both ideal for special occasions, strong nails or shorter nails. If your nails are weaker, you have a job that is hard on your nails or you would like to add instant length, we recommend our range of gel nail enhancements for long term nail beauty.

At BLUSH we don't charge for your soak off at each subsequent appointment where you have gel polish re-applied. If however you have your Gel polish removed and not re-applied or you have had your polish applied elsewhere, there is a removal charge of £10.00.

Gelish Long Lasting Polish

Gelish with Shape and Cuticles £ 31.00
Gelish with Shape and Cuticles French £ 31.00
Gelish with Full Manicure £ 42.00
Gelish Toes with Shape & Cuticles £ 32.00
Gelish Toes with Express Pedicure (Spa soak, exfoliate, moisturiser, cuticles, shape & Gelish polish) £ 44.00
Gelish Toes with Luxury Pedicure (Spa soak, exfoliate, hard skin buff, calf and foot massage, cuticles, shape & Gelish polish) £ 54.00
Gelish Removal - This charge only applies if you have your Gelish removed and not re-applied or you have had your UV polish applied elsewhere £10.00